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KÏS as an agency

The KÏS Fashion Agency is an agency which was established in 2001 by Sandra Pfafferott. The main offices are located in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany.

The team play and the personal relations to all our clients label the agency. 

Moreover Sandra retails a concept store in Warnemünde, a small touristic town on the Baltic Sea, Germany. Every brand of the agency is essential for the store and its customers.


The brands, which are mainly from Italy or France, present up to 8 collections per year. The team of the agency works eleven months a year and takes care of the clients just like the brands as good as possible.

The philosophy of the agency mostly focuses on customer service, efficiency and the currentness of the showrooms. Fundamentally the modernness and exclusivity are not the only things we always hang on to, it is also the professional consultation of all clients, so that they feel comfortable and understood.


... one of the biggest fashion metropoles in the international fashion cosmos - the perfect place to be for our agency. The spirited and multifaceted capital inspires our team every day. The showroom is situated directly on the Spree in a very fashionable setting. 


... the northern composures impress the generously laid out showroom in Hamburg. The regional styles and the furnishings of the showroom in Hafencity are not only meant to be a place to order for our clients - it is a place to feel good.





Stralauer Allee 14 A

F.80 - 7.OG

10245 Berlin



Am Sandtorkai 25/26

4. Boden

20457 Hamburg

Showroom Berlin

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